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Miss Party Mom's: Five For Friday {6. 28.13}

Hello again! Welcome back to week 3 of Miss Party Mom's Five For Friday! My new FFF logo is almost complete, which means we're like... almost official? 

In case you're new to this weekly roundup, that's pretty much exactly what it is- a round up of my Top 5 favorite items in the order I like to shop for them... Party Planning, Home Decor, Kids, Myself and The Husband (who hates being shopped for...)

I'm really excited about this week's 5 picks and I hope you are too! 

Please pin anything you love!

       xo Party or Die xo, 

1.) Party Planning 

Ok, let me first say that I'm sure it's probably totes tacky to talk about my own item.... but hello, it's literally the favorite party planning thing I've seen this week! I can't ignore that people, it wouldn't be true to FFF! I mean really- how adorable are these little favors I put together for a Garden Party this weekend? Party On! Designs designed custom seed packets for me which I filled with flower seeds (Zinnias, Marigolds & 4 O'Clocks) and placed inside mini 2" terra cotta pots along with a mini zip lock baggie of potting soil. The little favor boxes are from Michael's $1.50 isle- 6 per package.  Maybe it's time for your Summer Garden Party? I promise to provide you with inspiration soon!

2.) Home Decor

Oh dear... (come on, you expected me not to?) This week's Home Decor item is beyond fantastic. This amazing handmade piece from Jodie of Flowers, Frills, Buttons and Bows is truly an original. I have been admiring her deer heads since I first saw one on Pinterest a few months ago and immediately started drooling. The craftsmanship that goes in to one of these is beyond perfect. I like to consider myself, um- like a craft queen (?)... and I can't even begin to imagine what goes in to making one! Each is different and one just as cute as the next. I would LOVE to hang one of these in my home... to the left above my fireplace sounds just about right. I would consider hanging one in Birdie's room as it would oh-so-go, but something tells me it would have marker all over it within the first day and I just cannot ever fathom letting this happen!

FFBB's website is here.

 3.) Kids

This next pick has an interesting little story! I met this cute little mom at the park a couple of weeks ago and Birdie decided she was going to instantly make besties with her sons. We got to talking and exchanged Facebook info... weeks later I stumbled upon the fact that my new friend Whitney has an Etsy store called SweetestThingsShop with these amazing little head wrap things... I don't even know what to call them, other than... awesome? I ordered one for my sister's baby due in July and at $8 to $10 a pop I'm convinced every baby like- ever, should own one. Of course they come in multiple sizes but a newborn with a knotted head wrap... absolutely yes please! Almost makes me want to consider having... oh, now- don't get crazy....

                                    Whitney's daughter Harper modeling a newborn wrap!
4.) Myself

Wish I had this in time for this tomorrow's Garden Party! This dress is so MEEEE. And guess what, it's probably very YOU too as a nice drop waist is crazy flattering on a lot of body types- as that "belted" area kind of helps most women out! The white version even reminds me a little of my wedding dress (though my wedding dress was an empire waist). If I had to choose between the three I'd go pink BUT only because I already have a favorite bright citron colored dress I wear, uh- way too often... I had never even heard of this website until this week when I saw this dress on Pinterest, now I'm stalking it... with a price point of $39.00 I can actually afford to shop online somewhere... nice!


5.) Husband

I've been wanting to get Shawn a real pair of Wayfarer Ray Bans for a loooong time. Every time I think it would be the perfect time, a new expense comes up and I just can't justify it. I stumbled across this line of Ray Ban "Rare-Prints" and I was convinced he just neeeeeded a pair... that is until Mo, our exchange student gave his old pair to Shawn as he dropped him off at LAX to return home to China. Shawn's been wearing them every day since... a goodbye gift that he'll cherish forever, or at least until Birdie snaps them in half... and when she does, I'm hoping one of these 3 "Rare-Prints" will be on sale... Can you say OUTRAGEOUS?!

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  1. that dress is soooooo you!!!!! You must have it! Love the wedding pic! xxoo


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