Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An Open Letter to the "No-Santa Christians"

This last week I'm bursting at the seems with things to complain about during the 2014 Christmas season. I know, I know, there's irony in that sentence. Noted. 

There's a chance I bum a lot of people out in the process of blogging this particular "Christmas annoyance" and after pondering that thought for a while today- I came to the conclusion that it's worth it. In case you don't know... This is always the fine line we bloggers walk... "Who will I bum out?" followed by, "How much will I bum them out?" followed by, "Is it still worth it to make a point?"


Here's the deal, some of you out there are big time on my nerves. In my head I've labeled you the "No-Santa Christians". And the truth is, I know that I too have bummed you out with my decision to go deep in to the satanic Santa lifestyle- and so yes, it's a mutual bum-out fest between Christians that I am keen to: To believe in Santa... Or not. 

I have felt the tension for two years now. Prior to that my oldest was just a toddler and we weren't "tuned in" to the Jesus vs. Santa issue yet. While I could get in to all of the reasons why I feel believing in Santa is a childhood right of passage and that NEWSFLASH a lot of people have been raised on Santa and SHOCKINGLY still love the Lord (hand raised)... I am not going to touch on too much of that because we will probably never agree and I'm kind of half-ass writing this as I watch The Voice and hope Matt McAndrews gets through anyway.

My point in writing this is to ask you this: Can you possibly talk to your child about NOT RUINING SANTA for those who DO BELIEVE IN THE MAGIC OF SANTA? I feel like it's crazy I'm having to even blog this... but seriously people- this is a common courtesy! The number of children who've said to my son in some form or another this year, "Santa isn't real- Jesus is the reason for the season!" is making my want to throw a bible at a child.

Here it is: If you want to get all sorts of real with your toddler/small child and tell them Santa isn't real and you're the ones buying the gifts, then fine- I'll respect that enough to not tell you or your child to your/their face I think it's weird. But can you kindly offer me and my family the same respect and communicate with your kid it is NOT their responsibility to then kill Santa for every child?

Let's do some role play...

Mom or Dad, better yet- both: "Hey Tommy... I know that you know there's no such thing as Santa because that's just not something we believe in" (You see how respectful I'm being here?) "But Tommy, it's important that you don't try and convince other children there isn't a Santa because some kids do believe and it wouldn't be right to spoil it for them... So this stays in our family, okay buddy?"

Side note: If you don't refer to Santa as "Santa" (I've heard a lot of "His name is Saint Nick, so stop calling him Santa!" this year) I think it's also important to tell your kids that others DO USE THE NAME SANTA. It's not a bad word and I do not want my child or myself to be reprimanded for it.

Now, to every Christian shaking their head that Santa exists in our God-fearing home... I assure you that my 5 year old can tell you everything that happened that day in the manger. He probably knows the story better than I do. He is about to be a shepherd in a Christmas play and he GETS IT as much as any 5 year old can possibly get it.  He also gets a twinkle in his eye when he thinks of a big ol' jolly fat guy named Santa shoving himself through our chimney to leave us presents.

Do I think in a few years he will figure it out? Yes, of course. I'm not saying in 2nd grade a kid won't "present the facts" but he's in Kindergarden for now and I'm cherishing the time he does believe, because I cherish those memories myself.

All I'm asking for is a little mutual respect and a teachable moment for your child that not everyone shares the same beliefs and in the same way we as Christians (hopefully) don't walk around telling people they're going to hell upon meeting them... We don't tell kids who believe in Santa that he isn't real.

Please note, my husband is a pastor and our family believes in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as well as the birth AND resurrection of our Lord and Savior. But so help me God if another kid plays the "God card" on my Santa-loving son, I just might have to tell them that there's a BIG chance Jesus WASN'T EVEN BORN IN DECEMBER!!!

Merry Christmas.

Jesus Loves You,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Don... Didn't know you knew I even had a blog... Now I'll be on my best behavior... HA!

  2. Seriously!!! Riley came home telling us Santa wasn't real...she's also in kindergarten. We go to church every Sunday, we teach her about Jesus, so why can't we have one whimsical day of the year?

    1. Agreed. Here is a great post you might like that might give you all the more reason to "believe in Santa"... Merry Christmas!

  3. This reminds me of a neighbor who was a bit of a brat, the announced to my son that Santa wasn't real. I said. "Teddy, do you think Santa would go to his house? He probably doesn't believe because he's on the bad boy list." Something to that a nature. I never said I was a perfect mom, but I did try. I always found new ways to keep them believing. Notes from Santa planted before we went to the store, even foot prints on the fireplace hearth, with an opening in the screen area. It added to the magic. I also would point at the window throughout the year & say, "hey I think I saw Santa! He must be checking to make sure everyone is being good.

    1. I am actually very impressed by Cormac's desire to believe after all he has heard this year... He is still convinced! Next year I may have to up my game and for both kids ;)

    2. Santa always wrote in mirror writing & the notes were put in a little hollow ball that told us where to find the hidden presents. Santa hid my bike in the bath tub, my orange haired doll under the couch, but the notes sent me all over the house to the next note, which may or may not have a present. I LOVED it!!

  4. You and your entire familt are absolutely AWESOME, Kenna.... Seriously.

    1. I don't know who this is... But thank you? So kind.

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