Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hey Los Angeles... It's a Barbie Rock N' Royals Concert!

I know, I know. I put a blog out and you're thinking why the heck isn't this blog about the final days of the road trip... I've seen the comments about wanting closure on the trip and it's just so huge of a subject I can't even handle it right now. Hoping eventually I'll get to our final days on the road, what coming home was like and maybe even a blog on how to road trip the country with kids in 7.5 weeks. I'd love to get to all of those posts and if I wasn't taking a class and looking for a full time job I'd be all over it!

In the meantime... May I have a minute of your time for something far more shallow? You see, sometimes when you're "a blogger" you get offered sweet perks in exchange for blog/social media shout outs... And THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES.

I get lots of emails for free stuff. I even got offered one of those toilet seats with the small insert for kids in exchange for a blog post but I decided to spare you all and you're welcome. I usually say no because I don't want to bog down my readers with annoying posts on random crap... BUT. Bare with me because when I came across this I knew I had to sell out to the blogging-gods.

Think Barbie and The Rockers in 2015. If you're younger than 30 that means nothing to you. And if you're in your 30's and you didn't love Barbie and the Rockers... I probably don't even like you. Pretty much what we're talking here is Barbie Rock N' Royals, aka Barbie wishing she was still in Barbie and The Rockers, aka... Barbie Live with her homegirls in LA rocking out and being all kinds of wild and fun. I mean seriously how do you resist that when you have a 4 year old girl and used to design Barbie dolls and were slightly obsessed with Barbie and the Rockers? You can't resist that. It's a proven fact. I am the proof.

Anyway. We can't wait!! Birdie and I are gonna rock the house. 
If you decide to go too- hit me up! More info and link to purchase tickets is below! 
Thanks for getting this far in the post.

Timed to the launch of Barbie’s new movie, Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals, which is available now, Barbie and Zendaya are encouraging kids to “Raise Their Voices” in a first of its kind experience including up-and-coming musical and dance acts!
During this rockin’ music experience, Barbie fans in the Los Angeles area will have the opportunity to:

·         LIVE performance – Enjoy songs from the movie including, “Raise Our Voices,” “What if I Shine,” and “Brand New Song” from surprise guests
·         Super Style Zone – Get rock star ready with Glamzies and Glitzies who will be providing hair jewelry and flash tattoos
·         VH1 Rock Star Zone –  Jam out with guitars, drums, flutes & more with teachers from VH1 Save The Music
·         Be Super Dance Zone – Twist and shake along with professional dance choreographers 
For tickets to the Rock ‘N Royals Concert Experience, visit All ticket sales will benefit VH1 Save The Music.

Saturday, September 26
12 PM  


Hollywood Palladium
6215 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90028

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