Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{Client Circus Dessert Table} Maddox & Leighoni's Joint Birthday Party!

Every party throws a different curve ball at me and this one was no different! This dessert table set up was for an adorable 5 year old girl, Leighoni and her handsome 1 year old brother, Maddox. Their momma found me through Facebook (thank God for free advertising) and contacted me months before to book a Circus/Carnival themed dessert table. I was excited because this was actually Cormac's 1st birthday theme- at which I got no good pictures (have I ever mentioned my eyes swelled shut due to an allergic reaction to eyelash glue? Ya, it was a rough day). As you can imagine I was ready to for a Circus "re-do" and this time with great photos! The party home was quite a distance from my house, about 2.5 hours away to be exact- so travelling with cookies and cake pops in 110 degree weather was a teeny tiny stressor (as in all I thought about the entire AC-cranked drive).

To make things more interesting, the family's home flooded a couple of days before the party, and I mean floooooded. They were determined to Keep Calm and Party On and they did just that. I have never seen a more determined bunch of people get a house back together (to perfect) to host about 100 of their closest friends and family. I was truly impressed.

My photographer Christina from Moments Captured Photography in Orcutt, Ca came with me- thank goodness! The flood made for an interesting set up and I needed all of the help I could get. We worked together closely on a wood floor island as the rest of the flooring was laid around us. This was a nice little challenge for me as I'm used to being sprawled out around the entire house! 

Not only did they have a Miss Party Mom dessert table for their Circus/Carnival themed party- they also had a huge blow-up water slide, 2 ponies (!!) and a clown who performed for the kids! This was a well planned out party and I was happy to have a piece in it.

One thing I did differently for this dessert table was order a store bought cake (gasp!). My usual baker and assistant Hannah couldn't come with me so I bit the bullet and ordered a smash cake from Albertson's. I was dead set on making it adorable and I think it turned out pretty darn perfect! This proves that even a store bought ($8.00) cake can look great on a professional dessert table! Hannah's Cookies & Treats did manage to make me the most adorable party favor cookies & cookie pops ever, you're going to love them! 

All of my graphics as well as the red/white scalloped popcorn cups can be purchased from PartyOn! Designs- Amber is always a pleasure to work with and really knocked it out of the park with this custom Circus Party Package!

If you have any questions as to where to purchase (or make) anything shown on the dessert table- feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you with the answer!

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  1. wow. so many amazing details! So glad you had Christina with you to shoot this one!

  2. Amazing as always! Love love love the cupcake Ferris wheel.

  3. Love this! I'm planning on having a circus themed party for my son's next birthday...great pictures!

  4. I'm blown away...again! Just amazing Kenna.

  5. Don't die but that circus stuff was in the dollar and 50 cent bin at Micheal's crafts last week. I had gone in to get stuff for my daughter's unicorn party and before I knew it had a half basket full of the masks, sticker books, etc... I came to my senses and just left the cart.... You did an amazing job, you deserve to blow up in the party plannn biz!

  6. Fabulous table set up and I LOVE how you shareda behind the scenes.


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