Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tips For How to Stock Your Party Planner Tool Kit!

The first paid party MPM was hired to do was a Pony Party almost exactly a year ago. I took with me a Paul Mitchell reusable bag and shoved it full of things I suspected I might need for the day ahead. It was a good idea, I'll give myself that.

I thought I was on top of things- I mean, I had a bag full of tools. To start, Hannah and I had spent the party set-up passing one pair of scissors back and forth ready to kill the other for taking longer than 10 seconds with them... talk about efficiency (!) Midway through the set-up, when the bag had tipped over for the 10th time and pins had spilled all over the bottom of it and everyone who reached in the bag (including myself) was whispering curses at me, something clicked: I Need A Party Planner Tool Kit!

That week I giddily went and bought a medium sized crafter's tool box at Joann's for $14.99 (after my coupon of course). It was stocked within 10 minutes of being home and I realized, not one but TWO tool kits were in order. One for the small tools and one for the big tools. We have been cleverly stocking our dual kits ever since. Mostly with the things we had been rummaging through our client's house for that first party- which I'm sure they thought was crazy professional, I mean who doesn't want to hire a party planner who's asking for tape... and an extra pair of scissors?

So here it is- The MPM Party Tool Kit List, meant for serious party planners worldwide! I know the list might be a little over the top (have you met me?) but I promise, nothing is on here we haven't used during a party set up. (note: showing up to a Chuck E Cheese with this amount of "kit" might make you look like a nut- just a fair warning)

Small Tools Kit:
Double Stick Tape
Regular Tape
Mounting Tape or Squares
Glue Stick
Wall Putty
Fishing Line
Velcro Squares
Small Paint Brush
2-3 pairs of Scissors, big and small sizes
Toothpicks (they come in handy, trust me)
Pin cushion stocked with needles, (threaded and non threaded), pins
Black thread, White thread (coordinating thread to anything you might need it for: table cloth, etc.)
Safety Pins (big and small)
Zip Ties
Matches (for candles)
Mini nails/regular nails
Fabric Measuring Tape
No-Sew Heat Bond Tape
Business Cards if you're a business
Bandaids (if you're any kind of good party thrower, you WILL injure yourself)
Ibuprofen (for pre party headaches)
Tampons (yes, we seriously have them in ours)

Big Tools Kit:
Packaging Tape
Duct Tape
Small can of Spray Mount (I prefer Super 77)
Mini hot glue gun, pack of hot glue sticks
Staple Gun/ Staples
Measuring Tape
Mini Level
Fabric Steamer*
Ladder/ Step Stool *

*These are very important (and big items!) so if you're going to another person's house to set up- make sure they either have an iron/ ironing board and/or steamer for you so you don't have to bring your own. Same with the ladder and/or step stool. (If you don't know how I feel about steamed linens read #6 on this post). 

This kit below is a pretty amazing looking. It has a lot of the things I've mentioned- including the most important tool of all- the glue gun. It can be found for purchase here.

This is a nice solid looking crafters/tool kit. The number of scissors shown tells me that this crafter and I would get along quite well. Until we both needed the same size sheer at the same time, then it could get ugly.

                                                    I like the way this kit opens to the side.
                        Nice and wide to find all of the things you need, even those little fruit erasers.

         Just plain cute. Not totally sure about the practicality factor, but then again, I never really am.

I saved the best for last with this amazing pink number. Goodness I can't express in words how much I need this. Birthday present list.... Starrrrrt NOW!
xo Party or Die xo


  1. Seriously, your blog is hilar. I love every single post. Including every road trip post. Sorrrta in love with your little fam.

    Meanwhile, I need to get on this. At my rasta party, I forgot tape. Seriously. Who forgets tape? Oy. I always throw a gallon ziplock bag together at the last minute and always end up forgetting something similar. Another thing I always add? Matches or a lighter, for birthday candles or sterns or outdoor torches and the like.

    1. Shannon, can't believe I forgot matches!! You don't know how many times I've been in a bind for those. I'll need to add those asap. I'm glad you enjoyed the blog and our trip! Were pretty likeable... on a blog anyway, in person.... eh... ;)

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