Sunday, August 18, 2013

{A Never Never Land Inspired} Peter Pan 4th Birthday!

I threw this Never Never Land Party for my Peter Pan obsessed 4 year old son this past January and even though these pics are 6 months old I still love looking through them! I think it's safe to say it's my favorite party to date and my son really enjoyed himself, which you know- always makes it alllll worth it...

Even though this party has seen it's fair share of party blogs (HWTM, KPI & CMP)- ironically- it's never been on my own! I have so many pics that haven't been shown so I decided it was time to put together a post of my own!

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed putting it all together!

Photography (mostly) by Jen McGinn (the not-so-great great candid shots are by me!)

xo Party or Die xo

MPM Party Faves:

- Dessert table backdrop being made to look like the Darling Nursery (or at least what it looks like is my mind's eye!)

- "The Lost Boy's Pub" eating area for Cormac and his friends (that I sketched out and actually came to life!)

- Hand made favor bags by Miss Party Mom

- Pointing sign by Miss Party Mom (inspired by The Trashy Side)

- Hannah's Cookies and Treats desserts (some inspired by Jenny Cookies)

- The vintage inspired invitation and printables by World Wide Party by Elena

- Peter Pan napkin hats by Miss Party Mom

- Mini Bottle Favors by Miss Party Mom


  1. I love it! You can really tell that you enjoy what you do. You do a great job & are so creative! I always thought my kids parties were the best, but they don't hold a candle to yours! LOVE it!! <3

  2. I love it. You are so creative. All the detail you put into it is awesome. It shows your passion for creating lasting memories for your kids and guests.

  3. can you help me fold that cute napkin? Kgamblemft@gmailcom

  4. Where do i order the fairy wings and peter pan hats from??

  5. Please shoot me a message on where i can order the fairy wings and peter pan hats from
    My email

  6. Please caouuld you tell me where I can order fairy wings.and how you have made the pixy dust.congratulation you are wonderful parents.


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