Friday, August 16, 2013

Miss Party Mom's: Five For Friday {8.16.13) Back-to-School ADD+ITION

Next week is Back-to-School week for a lot of schools around the world- so I thought it would be fitting for me to put together a little list of fun and affordable Back-To-School finds...

In my own home we've had Cormac (my 4 year old) in the Summer program at his preschool but now we're quickly approaching the first day of his last year of preschool, amen- hallelujah! If there was ever a boy ready to take on Kinder, it's this kid. Here's to hoping his Momma can take all the preschool homework seriously this year... I think we both need an incentive program... Think charts and candy. I'm in.

Last year's 1st day of preschool pic!
xo Too School For Cool xo

Some (but not all) of these posts may be sponsored, which doesn't mean I love them any less- it just means Momma's gettin' paid for blogging about the things she loves...

1.) Party Planning

Before we start- if you haven't read how I feel about teacher gifts... you should. I am the last Momma on the planet that wants to place any sort of Pinterest-pressure on another Mom, trust me. I didn't even know teacher's got gifts aside from Christmas until Pinterest began... Learning curve! (There's a pun in there...) 

However I stumbled upon this little gem of an idea from Lil' Luna on Pinterest this week and I mean... how much cuter can Back-to-School get? I didn't even know pencils needed a jar until I saw this and now I know- obviously they do. I read through the tutorial and it's crazy easy and inexpensive... plus the printable is free. If you were ever gonna craft a teacher gift...? Just sayin'. 

Another thing to note- since this is under my Party Planning category and all... This same technique would be great at a County Fair Party, Vintage Barnyard theme, etc.

2.) Home Decor

Want to give the kids a reason to get their homework done? How about a new cozy (and extremely awesome looking) bean bag chair from MyHabit? I love this thing so much- and at $99 it's a pretty great steal! It comes in multiple prints but the polka dots are so my fave. This would be great in kid or tween's room- as well as the living room- especially if that living room is mine! Since this is on the daily deals site- this particular deal ends Tuesday, August 20th! (ad below)

3.) Kids

I came across this totally cute and kid-friendly website called Posy Lane and they sell some of the coolest back packs I've ever seen. Their selection is huge and they're just about all $20 or less! This alphabet backpack ($17) is one of my favorites, purely based on the fact it screams Back-to-School and has an awesome little vintage vibe going on... but they also have Day of the Dead, Matryosha Dolls, Robots, and more- as well as matching lunch bags to go with each of them!

4.) Myself

I know, I know... who would actually wear these amazingly fashion forward platforms (called: Ariana) from Sole Society to Back to School night? Trust me, I know a woman- you can read about her here... I couldn't resist choosing them because a) they're black and white b) they're the fraternal twin to my 33rd Birthday heels! and c) they're on SALE for $40! Shoe fate if you ask me... (and they also come in pink!) Talk about an ice-breaker in to the PTA- who isn't going to ask you were you got these?! 

*Sole Society also has an awesome deal where if you spend $75 you get to design your own iPhone case! Think of it this way: 2 pairs of shoes = a free iPhone case with a design all your own. Um, yes please.*

5.) Husband

Shawn works across the street from Cormac's preschool and he tends to pick him up on his skateboard (naturally)... I'm sure he wouldn't mind arriving to greet the toddler crowd on this awesome line of sick looking boards by Salemtown Board Co. This specific model is called the Rufio... which I have to say- makes perfect sense.

Have fun this week taking those kids either Back-to-School shopping or just plain Back-to-School!

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