Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aren't Creative People Supposed to Like Change?

         ...10 Changes I'd Like to See Change Back 

I've come to grips with the fact that I don't really like change. It took me 33 years to be OK with saying that. The other 32 I was all, "change happens, you might as well get used to it!" No, that was a load of crap some "wise" person must have once said to me. Change sucks. It messes with the flow of things. Especially when that change has to do with your kids... we'll start with them first.

xo Party or Die xo

1) Birdie ditching the name "Dee Dee" for her blankie...
As soon as she could talk she lovingly named her security blanket Dee Dee. I loved it because I had (have? Who's keeping track) my own Bray Bray. However recently, she has moved on to Blankie, just plain ol' Blankie. When I say Dee Dee, because it just comes naturally- she gives me the glare, as in- "that is SOO 2 months ago MOM..."

2) Cormac wanting (adamantly) to switch up his preschool schedule.
Essentially he wants to go to Kindergarten. He wants to go to school all week long- BUT only Half Day vs. his current two Full Days. His bestie William is going in to 1st grade and he cannot for the life of him understand why he is doing yet another year of preschool {dang January birthday}.

"If I have to take one more nap!" -Cormac Cove

We're currently in "talks" about his Fall schedule and learning to "compromise" {teachable moment, hell-o!} (As in I'm trying to see if I can possibly get a child to school by 8:30 a.m. 5 days a week- what do I look like, a robot?)

He's like all eager to learn and stuff...? Crazy.
3) Birdie ditching the sound machine for sleep...
"My kids love their sound machines!"- Me

She's robbed me of my right to say this. I used to tell every expectant mother I knew that noise machines were nothing short of mini ear-whisperers and to, "Definitely register for one!" I have Cormac who still sleeps with a gentle ocean breeze flowing through his room... But Birdie? She's over it. She has started yelling, "NO NOISE!" at nap time until I turn it off. So I guess it's permanently off... sad face. This pretty much means her napping days are just about over since the slightest of noises wakes her up. Why does this child insist on being a little mini-me with her easy-waking ways?

4) Cormac's loose tooth
I'm down right not ready for loose teeth. Shawn said I looked incredibly mad when Cormac told me the big news. Not mad... just surprisingly sad... He's only 4- which in my eyes is still practically a toddler. So I've drafted up this little letter, hoping it gets in to the right hands...

Dear Loose Tooth, 
Please just re-root yourself or something. The Tooth Fairy doesn't even have her shtick down yet... she was banking on another year.
Miss Party Mom

5) Birdie's chipped tooth
What's up with our teeth issues in this family? Can I get a break?

The concrete, her face. She cried... {of course I cried}. We went to the dentist and he said it wasn't going to be a problem to fix. Guess what? He didn't know my daughter... it was a problem. So now I'm getting used to her little snaggle tooth... and every time she opens her mouth I gasp inside. (If any one feels the need to comment the on "baby tooth" fact... yes, understood. Still sad.)

6) Cormac refusing to take a bath anymore
A total shock, this one was... I mean, what kid doesn't love bath time?! Cormac. He ONLY wants to shower now as he's not a "baby" anymore... Duh, mom!

Even though I have never been a mom that gets sad about my kids growing up... This? This is kind of sad... I mean, bath time... it's a childhood staple! Maybe it's a phase... here's to hoping...

I miss it already.

*On to the non-kid changes... 
(these are more just annoyingly, "WHYYYY?" worthy...)*

7) Michael's AND Ross rearranging themselves...
Look guys, haven't you ever heard the ol', "if it ain't broke" rule? I mean, really Michael's... the one place I know better than your own store employees? You're going to go all Joann Fabric's store set up on us? So much for originality! And Ross... what was the point of putting the dress racks in the back? Just to mess with my whole mapped out Ross shopping experience, which was utterly fine tuned?!

8) Kara's Party Ideas switching around their website & blog...
With this one I've really got my panties in a wad. I don't know if I don't like the change to the site... or if I just don't like change. Either way, I miss the old KPI on a daily basis. I guess if I ever want another party featured I'd better zip it... Please just here me when I say, "WAAAAAAHHHH...."

9) Google changing our email around...
I didn't answer any blog comments for like, a week... because I didn't know I had them GOOGLE. They were in the "Social" folder, so thanks for making me look like a crappy blog owner GOOGLE... I mean, sure they sent a "see our new changes" pop-up... like I have time for pop-ups... #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

10) Fresh & Easy not food sampling anymore... 
What is the point of Fresh and Easy if you can't bribe your kids with a little chips and salsa while you shop? I loathe grocery shopping- but when paired with a slice of brie on a poppy seed cracker and calm kids munching on organic blue chips... well- then it was somewhat doable. Those free samples meant everything to me and my now grocery-store-starved children! They've practically lost my business- I mean, if it wasn't for that whole Easy part (and the clearance fridge) I'd really be done...

I just want to reach out and grab one, like the old days...

Any changes in your life that are just slightly annoying? 
Well share them already, I'll validate you!


  1. the gmail thing is STILL totally bugging me!

  2. DJ just said the same thing about F & E when he was home. LAME. I loved their sample area. Bring it back!

    1. A rude welcome home to him I'd have to say ;)

  3. My gmail hasn’t changed so you had me all curious. Just in case you didn’t know, you can make those tabs go away — Settings (the little gear thing) > Configure inbox > un-check the boxes. I’m going to try it out. :)

    1. Really, maybe they're rolling it out in waves? I'll have to try those changes- I don't like my email being categorized!

  4. Megan Fox as April O'Neal.
    Government mandated health insurance in January.
    McDonald's new updated Play places with video screens and games to lure your children away from real, interactive physical play.
    Chik-fi-la discontinued it's Southwestern wrap.
    (Wow.... you got me 1st World Problem'in)
    Those are just right off the top of my head but I'm really learning that the only constant in life is.... change.
    Some "wise" person told me that, too. ;)

    1. You forgot to #FirstWorldProblems
      Not the Southwestern Wrap!! That's almost as bad as when Taco Bell got rid of the Chalupa!!

  5. I know one positive change that I just noticed...your hair grew in your cartoon pic! YAY! lol the designer must've seen your blog post about it and said I gotta get this lady some longer hair, STAT! :)


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