Friday, June 21, 2013

The Miss Party Mom: Five For Friday {Summer Solstice Week Edition 6.21.13}

Welcome back for week two of the Miss Party Mom: Five For Friday! I've rounded up 5 of my faves for the week- all inspired by Summer! I've even got my girl Elena over at World Wide Party working up a logo just for my new Friday round-up post. Here's a sneak peek of our work-in-progress... I think it's coming along rather adorably...?!

Now... Let's get this party started, shall we?

1.) Party Planning

I'm loving this newest trend in strung party decor: the {sideways} triangle felt banner, a new take on the original! Not only do they seem pretty simple to make, they also have an endless amount of party themes they'd look cute with- oh and talk about inexpensive! I'm definitely thinking my birthday party this July is going to need a few strands in my party colors! These by Couture by Ayca found on Etsy ($15.00) are so yummy- love me a good Summer color palette.

2.) Home Decor

I am working full speed on a Garden Party, so maybe that's why I'm so attracted to this look!? I pretty much died inside when I saw this wallpaper by Scandanavian designer Lisa Bengsstan. Partially because I knew it could never be mine... I guess designer wallpaper is kind of expensive- especially when shipped from Scandinavia? Who knew! I am still SO in love with the idea of somehow getting a huge floral on my walls behind my pink couch... goodness, so lovely... 

3.) Kids

My friend Jen actually turned me on to this adorable pattern by made by RAE. When I saw the newborn dress she just made for our friend's baby shower (which is btw, a FREE pattern on Rae's blog!) I knew it would be the perfect adorable-yet-playable Summer dress for Birdie's Puppy Party coming up in July. I just purchased this pattern and now I'm impatiently waiting on my over-sized puppy print fabric to come... 

In case you didn't know- my other hobby besides party planning is sewing- which I've been doing regularly since I was 14. If there is an occasion Birdie should be wearing a "special" dress, chances are I'll make it... like, the day before because I'm a huge procrastinator...

Birdie's hand made bubble hem dress this Easter
4.) Myself

I'm all about a denim vest lately... I actually just purchased one with a gray hood. In an attempt to not look too "hard" I love pairing it with something ultra girly- mixing things like rocker studs and florals is my thang! I fell in love with these sandals from Just Fab and it's partially because I LOVE this look they styled- it is so Kenna: Summer 2013! I actually want to recreate this entire outfit, starting with the floral sandals (which if you sign up for Just Fab you can get for $20, free shipping- eeek! Yes please! Did I mention there's a fun personalized shoe quiz?!)

5.) Husband

Last but never least (I mean he did just make me Pinterest-famous off of my our PVC Canopy Tutorial) I spotted these awesome, as in I-sure-wish-I'd-have-seen-these-for-Father's-Day, trunks on a site I like to frequent so I'm up-to-date on surfer fashion (you know, to potentially keep my surfer husband out of American flag shirts). Shawn lives in trunks during the Summer (and just well, always) and I love searching for cool ones that will be short enough for him (as he loves to show a little upper thigh) but in a beach-respectful-non-creeper way.

I mean, these have circus animals and I'm still in the coming down stages from my Circus Party so I'm totally in love. Lucky shorts. Is it possible I have board short envy? I mean, that back pocket just seals the deal...

Trunks by Ambsn - Kings Poly supreme shorts sold at for $60.00

I hope you enjoyed my roundup this week! Hope to see you again next Friday- I already have a couple of faves up my sleeve!

Oh, and by the way- Happy Longest Day of Summer Week!

                                                                  xo Party or Die xo


  1. I think wallpaper is about to make a big comeback. definitely want some in our home when we buy some day!

    1. If you find some at a thrift shop one day maybe we can "experiment" with a section of my wall...

  2. i love wallpaper! thats the first thing i would do if we ever owned a house, put fancy wallpaper in every room.

    1. I know wall paper is pretty amazing... It's so Urban Outfitters 2013...

  3. can't wait to see Birdie's party dress! I definitely need to buy the pattern and make Lucy something once we get settled in our next place. Kinda funny about the denim vest, b/c I've been eyeing them for ages, but felt like I couldn't pull it off…finally got a jean jacket that I think I like, but am also realizing that I am almost always wearing denim on my bottom half so the jacket doesn't work all that often. I need fashion help. :)

    1. We can "share" the pattern since it's your idea originally... oh wait, I've said that before haven't I...? I love your jean jacket!

  4. Ha ha! I just sent a link to your canvas canopy to our associate pastor's wife yesterday. She asked me to find them a Puppet theater model to build (my husband and I are the weirdest created beings on earth: Puppet Ministry people) We're gonna tweak the canopy to make a curtain and voila! Thanks for all the time and specifics you put into your dyi, BEST I ever saw online. BEST.

    1. Wow that seriously means so much to me! I can't believe you think it's that good! I was scared to put it up because it wasn't all pretty with awesome graphics the way so many other blog tutorials are... and then I thought, well screw it- they'll figure it out through good old fashioned pictures.

    2. I know it's a bit much to always be re-replyin to your reply but bear with me.... You're tutorial was impeccable BECAUSE you focused more on explaining it to death with pictures and instructions (and one minor expletive) than beautiful, naturally lit props on stark white backgrounds (with a casual succulent in a ceramic pot nearby). It's endlessly annoying that some bloggers think their inspiring photos are all it takes to accomplish a diy. I commend you for being SO thorough.


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