I will try and answers any questions/inquiries you have- just please be patient... I'm a workin' momma!


  1. Hi Kenna!
    I'd like to start by saying how much I love your work!!
    I recently started a party planning company in North Africa and I have a technical question if you don't mind-
    My client wants a candy station, but how do you charge it? Do you make the client pay for the entire cost of all the candy and then they keep it all or how does it usually work?
    Many thanks!!!!

  2. Kenna,
    I wish all safe travels as you make your way back to LA - it's been an adventure ... lots of learning loving and other stuff. The last blog kind of breaks my heart and yet it's clear to see that moving yet again is best for you all! Be well!
    Anne (one of your former starbucks customers)

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  4. I just started reading this article and I can tell it is going to be good and informative!! YES!

  5. CLapping!! Your my Shero! You said everything I would love to say to a client! Respectfully.

  6. Miss Party Mom! My "partyaholic family" I finally found you. Thank you so much for writing this article.I know this is an old post, but I just need to vent!! I have always had a passion for 'All things Event". Even went back to college and got my degree in Hotel Management ( it was my way of getting into the event business at the hotels) So I decided to take it on as a small business to start out from home. I have two event on the books that were very sucessful. The third, not so great, only because I ended up having to decline the party. Here we go.. My friend called me up and wanted me to do her daughters Sweet 16 party;of course I agreed. I asked her what was her budget? She didn't have one. How many kids? She told me 300-400 kids. I told her at that moment, that inviting that many kids would be expensive. She and her daughter had a lot of extra that they wanted.For example, photo booth, candy table, dj, backdrop for head table etc. I suggested that she allow me to bundle some of her services from my vendor list that I have parterned with to get a better price.That was a no go, she wanted to do everything and pay each indiviual vendor. I asked her specifically what is it you need from my business? She said candy tables and centerpieces for the tables. I gave her a price of $500.00. Because she was my friend, I was going to give her way beyond what she was expecting in terms of the candy table and overall decor, as well as on site coordinating with the vendors to make sure everything was in place and set up on time. Which would give her the space and time to relax and enjoy the day with her daughter. She called me back and said that it was her daughter's friend birthday as well and wanted to make it into a double sweet 16 party. Deep breath, but okay. I gave her a price of $1000.00 to be split between the parents. I recieved a call back to inform me that the other younglady dropped out of the party. Okay,I'll adjust again. Only for my friend to text me to say she can't afford $500.00. OMG, Well, I wasn't about to reduce my price on an already discounted party. She totally missed the value in the services she would have been receiving. Now mind you this was really a deal given the fact that I have to assemble and pack everything up and loaded into the van for a 3 hr drive to her location. Unload, set up, wait around to break it down,pay for a hotel, because I'm not driving 3hrs.back home at 2am. Lesson I took away from this is friend or no friend "I will not be moving forward on ANY events without a sign contract.

  7. Your Love Boat themed party is really cool... would you mind sharing the Cruise itinerary template with me? Thanks


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