Friday, August 2, 2013

Miss Party Mom's: Five For Friday {8.2.13} Black & White Edition

If you know me at all- in person or on the blog- you know I LOVE some black and white stripes. From the party I just threw (yes- it was fab!) to the wall in my house... to that little piece of the logo above- I am a big fan of the contrast black and white brings. I also love a good "punk" vibe, and black and white stripes really lend to that. Come along with me as I highlight my 5 favorite Black and White finds of the week!
 xo Party or Die xo
Photo by Moments Captured Photography Fascinator by Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams

 1.) Party Planning

I went on a massive search for these for my recent 33rd birthday. I saw them, loved them, held them and then put them back. Two weeks later I decided on my party theme: B/W Stripes. {Kicks Herself}. Couldn't get them online (sold out) so another party planner ( actually went out and purchased (and shipped them to me!) at Z Gallerie- where they still had a ton left (in yellow stripes too). Thank goodness she was sweet enough to do this because the bigger of the 2 was a main piece of decor hanging over my set up and it looked amazing. At $6.95 for the smaller (17") one and $8.95 for the big one (21")- these are really quite a deal... I'm thinking about hanging one in the corner above our couch!

2.) Home Decor

I purchased these curtains at Target a few months back and have gotten more use out of them than I ever would have imagined. When I saw the IN STORE price tag I totally squealed... they were $4.99 a panel. Online, they're much more ($20)- and I don't know why. I checked THIS WEEK if they've gone up in price and they're still $4.99. I have been using these as everything from curtains to table cloths... They're really worth it if you can get your hands on a pair (in each color of course). My friend just hung the white in her nursery and they're adorable!

Entire party here

3.) Kids

I die. I feel like to understand this one you need to have been a HUGE Bjork back in the day... Oh- and if you weren't, we so wouldn't have been friends in high school... just so you know...
Birdie pretty much needs this. Like yesterday.
                                  Toddler Swan Dress/Legging set by

She was so punk rock and fearless! I mean, it was a SWAN people!!
 4.) Myself

Ok, so Momma got a few much-needed gift cards for her birthday and let me tell you, I KNOW how to spend gift cards- free money?? Spent. None of this keep it in my wallet and risk losing it (you know it's happened to you). I went to Ross a couple of days ago and Insta'd (@misspartymom) this image of me trying on these pants saying I thought, "I *might* be getting too old for crazy pants"... and then the people spoke: "BUY THEM!" So I did, for $15.99 without a regretful bone in my body! I came home and did a little research and oh ya... VERY cool people (like this gal below left) wear striped pants... so count me in. I've also seen them at Forever 21 and this pair from on the right. Punk. Rock. Chic.


5.) Husband

LOVING this awesome tee from TopMan, not sure why everything I love is always sold out (oh, because I'm still "on the pulse" maybe!? Take that 33!) I'm inspired to find Shawn something like this- it is SO him... and it's cool/trendy. This rarely happens. TopMan actually has a few awesome b/w tees, I'd totally buy them all if I wasn't sure Shawn would wonder why he's not wearing color anymore...
Catch you next Friday when I WILL bring back the color- you know I can't stay away from it TOO long!


  1. love this set! black and white stripes are my favorite too, its a little embarrassing how many black and white striped dresses i own...

    1. I think it's time you switched over to b/w striped pants ;)

  2. I LOVE black and white as well! Its my favorite combination! Great list, and I will be buying those curtains and probably the lanterns, too!

    1. Great- I'm so happy you liked everything!! Happy shopping!

  3. What a fab 5 for Friday! I loved Bjork, and I loved that dress. I still cannot believe how much ridicule she got for wearing it (I mean, it's not like it's fur, people!) It was about time someone mixed-it-up on that red carpet, and she ROCKED it!

  4. Oh my god! I need that Bjork swan outfit for my lill girl!


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