Monday, April 21, 2014

"Queen of Hearts" 40th Birthday Bash

This party has only been seen on my Instagram, that's how busy with school and motherhood I've been these last couple of months. This was the last party MPM threw and it took place a few months back on February 16th. My good friend Amy, who has an actual Valentine's Day birthday had been talking about a 40th birthday party since before her 39th... My kinda girl! And I mean, seriously- what better theme for a Valentine's baby- especially if you know her!
I'm not gonna lie (do I ever?)... Parties for friends are tricky. The "problem" is you actually know and love the person you're throwing the bash for... And once that fact is in the equation, somehow your hourly rate just goes out the door (well, if you're me it does!) which is why I really need to stop throwing parties for friends!
However, this party was a blast. Live band, dancing, hearing Amy sing and a photo booth with great friends... all a recipe for a PAR-TAY. It was a full 2 days of work, first fluffing and hanging the pom- poms and lanterns, and then the actual set up on party day. I literally showed up at the venue which Amy's husband is part owner of (an amazing Italian restaurant in Orcutt, Ca called Trattoria Uliveto) with my friend Lauren in-tow to help me figure out our layout. I didn't have a clue where I was going to place the dessert table because the windows in the room where really messing with my original plan. I knew that I was going to need to cover windows up with fabric to create some sort of wall for the table to go on, and I had some ideas about hanging the red glittered AMY letters above the dessert table. However, that was it. I had a bunch of stuff collected and knew it would come together somehow... But because the week before I was in LA filming for the Nickelodeon show, AND I had just started week 1 of business class... I was totally winging 95% of this set up. Like that mirror? Ya, I took that off the wall of the restaurant to help add some depth to the table. And that cool chandelier painting? I snagged it from Amy's house the morning of the party.
We finished setting up at 5:40 pm... The party started at 6:00 pm and you guessed it, I was pretty impressed with myself.
I'm still in party hibernation mode while I finish up the class I'm taking through Santa Barbara's WEV program. I will be back with a bang for Birdie's 3rd "Woodland Chic" birthday party in late June and it'll be worth the wait, just trust.
Enjoy the photos and as usual...
xo Party or Die xo
Event Stylist: Miss Party Mom
"Hello Forty" Gold Foil Print: One Stylish Party
Graphic Design: Tania Fischer Designs
"Sweets" Pinwheel Banner: Peckled
Photo Props: Tweedle Dee Designs
Happy Birthday Banner: TableTop Treats
Cake: Courtney Arensdorf, Orcutt Ca
Cupcakes: Charlene Sousa, Orcutt Ca
Gold Glitter Crown Cupcake Picks: Hues Studio
Striped Lanterns: Z Gallerie


  1. Looks like an awesome bash! I love the concept!

  2. So fun. I love all the print art, those quotes are great. Looks like everyone had an amazing time. Can't wait to see Birdie's party.

    1. Thanks Sunny, you're so sweet. I am already having so much fun designing Birdie's!

  3. Looks like a fun time to be had by all!!!! Another fab party by my girl!!!!!


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