Saturday, April 12, 2014

{Happy Sibling's Day!} & Crap My Kids Fight About


I really wanted to use a curse word in the title but you know... You trade in a lot of luxuries when your husband's a pastor.

It's been a busy couple of weeks since I last braced the blog with my deep thoughts on life. I'm in the thick of writing my business plan for my business class and we're on the financials part. True to always, simple math is kicking my butt. I've been meeting with people left and right trying to get my pricing structure in order and re-launch my business after graduation this May. It's exciting and nerve wracking and I'm learning so much about myself in the process. I mean, it's like therapy every week. And there's an actual therapist in our class too. I probably need to book a sesh...

Moving on...

So... Happy Belated Sibling's Day? That whole idea kind of blew up this year, eh? In honor of it- I decided to write about how lately my kids have been fighting about the craziest (ie: stupidest) things imaginable... Just to add a little zest to life I think. When I think about their fights, it's seriously laughable. And cryable. And screamable.

I've decided it would help me cope with their bickering if I gave the world a sampling of what I'm listening to on a daily basis...

So here we go.

They're fighting over plates. Who gets the dinosaur plate, who gets the owl plate... I'm about to toss out every cutesy plate and have them fight over white China. They'll only throw that at each other once!

They're fighting over who sits by the dog's crate while they're eating. I'm convinced my son doesn't even really like the dog, but my goodness he somehow needs to sit by him now while eating breakfast... I love starting the morning off with tears!

They're fighting over if the other is aloud to, "get in on their side of the car". Cormac's made a rule that Birdie cannot crawl over his seat to get to her car seat. So now Birdie has the same rule. So I've got to walk to both sides of the flippin' car now for fear that feat will be flying in the other's face trying to prevent the ol' crawl-across. These are the types of things you swore you'd never do before parenthood.

They're fighting over if one looks out of the other's window while we're driving. I mean, seriously you can't make this stuff up. This is our newest fight and it's mind numbing. Me trying to explain that windows belong to everyone- not just the person sitting nearest to it... Not the meaningful post-preschool chat I was hoping for.
They're fighting over who Birdie can be in the Circus Show they've created. Cormac is controlling (like me) and Birdie is a free spirit. She swears she needs to be the Clown Tamer, not the Lion Tamer. It is pissing Cormac off that she just can't be a normal Circus act. And she is mad he can't see the beauty in taming those unruly clowns.

They're fighting (actually mainly just Cormac complaining on this one) that Birdie only wanted to play with him on her first day of preschool. "That first day she played with me and now she'd rather play with sand!" But the minute they get home, you know where they're actually forced to play together- Cormac suddenly needs "alone Lego time". My brain hurts trying to process this stuff.

For all of the fighting they do though, I must admit they have some of the sweetest moments. Like when he actually breaks apart his baseball game snack to share it with her. And when her brother is in trouble, Birdie runs to his side and caresses his back and says, "It's ok Cormac, I love you..."

So for all the fighting, I have to remind myself that their love for each other is huge and I'm so happy they have each other as siblings.
So... Happy Flippin' Sibling's Day!


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  1. This is one of my favorites! I'm excited and terrified to have two kids soon.

    1. Thanks. Remember when I told you we'd be even better friends when you popped out another kid? I meant it.

  2. oh, I love them! Birdie the Clown Tamer…

    1. I mean, would Birdie tame anything but a clown? I think not.

  3. LOL!! i love all of it. yes, the clown tamer. those pictures are amazing, like - what the heck.. Cormac in the medieval shield/sword and Birdie with the Luchador Superman cape. YES!

    1. You are so missing out on the best pics ever without an Instagram! I know, that was really annoying of me. I'm a big sister, we're annoying.

  4. omg, I thought the cars rule were only for my kids!!! And beside the "don't look to my windows" we have also "don't sing my song" (especially when it is "Let it go" me and my son are not allowed to BREATHE).

    drives me crazy!

    1. I can't believe I forgot about the Frozen song fight!! Dangit, that's a GOOD one. Cormac tells them who can sing each part. Let's just say the whole song is Birdie's part.

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