Thursday, September 5, 2013

Miss Party Mom's: Five For Friday {9.6.13}


Ok, so here it is, I'm laying it all out there. I'm not sure this whole Five For Friday thing is going to work out. It's not you... Ok, well it might be you. Thing is: it's time consuming. I'm not seeing anywhere near the numbers as my other posts and yes it's true- I actually have a life besides blogging. And a wrist to protect from Carpal Tunnel. Bottom line: I want to write about things people are interested in and if it's not my 5 choices of the week- well then I'll wipe away a tear and move on (I'm really good about only squeezing one tear out, ask my friends).

So this week is kind of my litmus text, I was gone last week and I figure- if anyone would have missed this- they'd really be tuning in this week... So here's to hoping. Not to coax anyone in to sharing this (I mean if you insist) or beg anyone who can't be bothered in to reading it... but I'm giving this FFF thing one more shot cuz I'm crazy impulsive like that- I got married in 19 days, remember?

SO if you like these weekly Friday roundups, I'll say it again- pin it? Pinning is the future of life. Forget FB, that's so 2012.

xo Party or Die xo

1) Party Planning

In honor of my Circus/Carnival Party being featured on Hostess With The Mostess yesterday and a lot of people asking me about Mr. Ferris Wheel I thought I'd do a little blog mention on him.

I knew I wanted a Ferris wheel cupcake holder for this dessert table and I found this one pretty affordably priced on Amazon (it ranges from $25-$32- I got mine for $25 out the door- you just have to be patient with the price fluctuations). It's a great size which is what I love about it and if need be- I could spray paint it easily.

2) Home Decor

While browsing Etsy for my son's BFF's birthday gift I came across this craze amaze shop called Collage-O-Rama. I mean this stuff is stellar. I love collages. I love upcycled. I love animals dressed up as humans. And randomness... Which means: I love this shop. I bought 3 [8.5 x 11] prints at $6.99 a pop... (and because it's buy 3 get 1 free I actually got 4, BOO-YA!) and have now nailed down a birthday gift and 2 Christmas gifts... and a barrel of laughs from the gift recipients. Does it get much better than that? No, it doesn't. 

3) Kids

Since I'm going all punk-rock-don't-care-is-anyone-even-reading-this-anyway? I don't have a kids item for you to potentially purchase this week... I just have this Pinterest inspiration board done by another blogger: Tiffany from The Would-Be Writers Guild. It seriously lifts my spirits daily and I can't thank this woman enough for her amazing portrayal of "Quinoa: My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter". If you haven't seen this yet- you're missing out on some serious laughs- and if you have seen it (I know I already linked it once on my facebook) her more recent ones are some of the most hilar yet so catch up already! I mean, the addition of Bushwick has really made my week. He's got the spirit of my own son.
"It was when Quinoa demanded a miniature deer at her Pre-K portrait session that I truly began to understand her gift. #MIWDTD"

4) Myself

We've all been to a Stella and Dot party by now, haven't we? Am I the only one who gets awkward at these types of parties and is checking my phone's bank app on the way in the door to make sure I can even purchase the cheapest item ? Oh, I am. Great.

A little background. My good friend sells stuff for Stella & Dot BUT that isn't the reason I am posting this. Serio. I will STILL only promote on here what I actually love, ask her: no one can buy me!! Ok, $100 bucks can totally buy me but she surely isn't paying me for this plug. (Maybe in coffee or champagne she is.)

I mean, look at this little gem- The Gilded Arrow Bracelet (it even has a great name)... Don't you just love it? I have the ring already, courtesy of said friend for my birthday... but the bracelet is calling me... And at less than $40 I'm not saying it's their cheapest item... but it's pretty close. There, I've done your homework for you if you're attending a S&D party this weekend, you're welcome.
5.) Husband

Oh I know what you're thinking... "Isn't your husband a youth pastor or something?" Ya, it's true... Which is why I probably won't be able to buy this Twerkin' Hard tank from for his upcoming birthday... but gosh given different circumstances!

If you got to the bottom of this post without reading any of the top of it... SCROOOLLL back on up. The future of FFF depends on it! Dramatic!


  1. lol I actually DID miss your posts while you were in Cabo...and even though I loved the ideas in the beef up your desert table I still must admit when I read 'this is so and so from...' I had a WHAT? Where's Kenna?!!! moment. I even missed your FFF. I mean I'll admit your other postings are more entertaining but I think the FFF is indeed entertaining... and although my husband probably wouldn't like you much if he knew you were the reason why I've discovered H&M's home department-I LOVE you for it!!! lol

    1. Thanks for missing FFF and me Amanda!! I think both of our husbands are pretty bummed on the whole H&M home department discovery. I blame H&M.

  2. I love it all!!! Especially the tank top!! Happy Friday and thanks for being you!!

    1. Thanks Cayenne! The tank top does rule. I'd be immediate friends with anyone I came across wearing that ;)

  3. I really enjoy your Five For Friday posts!! Thank you for your posts!!

  4. I would love if all five items were party type items. Loved the cupcake holder!


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