Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Valentine's Breakfast-Party Surprise!

I am sharing this party- not because it's some amazing creation I did- but because it's TOTALLY DOABLE for every momma. Sure I happen to possibly have a few extra props than the normal mom- but I mainly just gathered house hold items (see a kid's kitchen in there, a box of their dress-up clothes, stuffed animals galore, a red wagon- you get the point...) and went to work styling them the best I could.

This was last year's party and I put the entire thing together Valentine's Eve- I didn't even get the idea until about 5:00pm. I started around 7:30pm, when the kid's went to bed and worked on it until about 1:00am- making one run to Target for goodies like powdered donuts, honey buns, one mylar balloon, some plates, cute little plastic $1 isle heart cups and a V-day garland- of course! 

I invited one set of my kid's friends to keep the breakfast small and within my $30 budget. I woke Cormac & Birdie up the morning of February 14th and showed them the fantastic little outfits I'd put together and told my son to get ready- we had friends and breakfast waiting! He was beyond excited and loved the fact that it was a surprise. My daughter was just excited about the powdered donuts.

The whole "party" lasted about an hour and a half and then I whisked my son off to preschool and cleaned up shop.

It was a great Valentine's celebrating with my little sugar-loving loves- I highly recommend you try it ;)

xo Party or Die xo


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