Thursday, August 22, 2013

Miss Party Mom's: Five For Friday {8.23.13}

Well hello! 

It's been a crazy week here at the MPM blog! We made history with a post that hit nearly nearly 800 views within a 24 hour period... (yes, that's a lot for this blog- do you think I'd be mentioning if it wasn't?!) We made some friends/fans and lost a few in the process... it is what it is! I will always write about what I'm feeling, whether or not I'm a party planner with a mainly 'party blog' doesn't really matter to me!

Whether you agreed with me or not- just remember my parties have no religious affiliation OR political views, they're just innocent bi-standers... I at least hope we can all agree that these next 5 choices in my top 5 categories are KILLLLL-ING it!

xo Party or Die xo

1.) Party Planning

If you're in to parties, chances are you like Martha Stewart... I know I do! When I saw this party line she put out for JCPenney: MarthaCelebrations I was pretty excited about it. Lanterns, poms, fringe garland, candy dishes and more. The woman is on trend and serving up some great prices- plus, almost everyone has JCPenney in town... I mean, even I do...

2.) Home Decor

Not that I like zebras specifically or anything- but goodness I love this pillow ($23) from JazzberryBlue. I actually love a lot of the things in this shop that I stumbled across on Etsy and had a hard time choosing which image to use! They have these super cool big-city wall art maps that I'm planning a spot for in my house, including one of Los Angeles (where the shop is located, halla!) If you're in to ultra-modern meets surreal meets pop art meets abstract (I mean, who isn't?)... you just might love this shop too.

3.) Kids

Ok, so there's a little story here. Back in 2011 when Cormac turned two I ordered him a personalized tee for his Motorcycle Party from a shop on Etsy called Fly Duds. The tee got lost in the mail- I let the shop owner know and she overnighted me a new tee so I'd have it for my party- free of charge. (Btw, the other tee came a week later in a tattered envelope that looked like it had been to China and back). I loved the way the tee gave Cormac a sweet little personal touch to match his party (this was a year before I was going crazy with parties- pic to prove it.) 
I think these tees are cute for any child milestone- the simple number tees are my fave and perfect for a yearly age picture. They have everything from birthday, big brother/sister, last name sports tee, Halloween, etc... 

4.) Myself

In the last week I have seen more overalls pinned on Pinterest than I did my entire year of 6th grade! Ok, ok- exaggeration alert... that would be damn near impossible. I have seen a ton though and thank God they're WAY more stylish and remarkably flattering as well... I'd quite like a pair actually. This pair is from, ($81: a little pricey for me!) but they should give you some inspiration as to what we're looking for when I say overalls... as in, I'm not talking Dickies... so don't even think about it.


5.) Husband

Anyone else have a somewhat embarrassing husband? Like the kind who gets on Facebook and asks people where on earth he can find a Speedo for our vacation? Oh, just me... Great. I guess I should be thanking his friend, who actually found him one. So yes, this is what he asked me to Five For Friday him this week... and I figured, why not... I'll give the man his choice, it's been a long week... Speedo by URT, sold on

We leave this Monday for Cabo San Lucas... I know- we suck. I'm going to try and blog from the road but we'll see how that goes!


  1. NO!!! Overalls cannot be worn clasped on both shoulders. One must hang down... that is the rule

    1. What was I thinking?! You are so right- some rules can not be broken.

  2. Enjoy your trip Kenna! Those spedos are too cute! lol

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