Friday, July 12, 2013

Miss Party Mom's: Five For Friday {7.12.13}

Happy Friday YOU! I'm here again to start your Friday off with 5 really fun items in the following categories- Party Planning, Home Decor, Kids, My Style & The Husband (which is the order in which I like to shop for them- most days anyway...)

I've been in the coming down stages of Birdie's Puppy Parlor Party all week.. and to ease my post-party blues I headed down to LA to cuddle my new niece and TWO good friend's new babies! It's like baby nation in LA- I better stay outta here!

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Let's get it started!

xo Party or Die xo

Some of the products in this post have been sponsored. That doesn't mean I don't still LOVE them!

1.) Party Planning

I'm loving this trend in party planning: yarn poufs. I've seen yarn garland before but I've just stumbled upon these yarn wands by Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams and I'm so in love! I'm even having some at my Favorite Things birthday party coming up in a few weeks- I mean what 30 something woman doesn't need a yarn pouf fairy wand?! Exactly. 

2.) Home Decor

How absolutely adorable is this idea from the emag Sweet Paul? I just stocked up on a nesting set of 3 of these embroidery hoops for less than $10.00 at my local craft store. I can't wait to put some of my favorite fabrics to use and hang them on my wall- I'm thinking Birdie's room is the perfect fit! I love that these ones are displaying Liberty of London prints- only my favorite floral ever!

I'm pretty sure it's a decor match made in Birdie Room Heaven!

3.) Kids

This one is inspired from a real purchase I made- TODAY! I've been looking for a pair of shorter style trunks for Cormac for over a year with no luck! My kids both love the water and we always have wet swim suits laying around our house all day every day- so we can never have enough swimwear in my opinion. My husband has been rocking shorter trunks since forever and I really wanted Cormac to have some as well. I stumbled across these in the H&M Kids department and for $12.95 and might have let out a little squeal... I mean- I couldn't have hand designed them better myself! The only sad thing about them is H&M STILL doesn't sell online. What gives?? (Side Note: When my bestie sees these she's going to kick herself for not going in to H&M with me...)

Ya, this kid is gorg.

4.) Myself

Sole Society was sweet enough to offer me a blog sponsor this week and good thing because after looking around on their incredibly tempting site I am dying over this pink striped purse! It has Kenna's "Favorite Things" Birthday Party 2013 written all over it- helll-o! Have I mentioned I have a birthday coming up? And that I have no problem throwing myself a party? Yes and yes... all true... the 28th of July... don't forget it. I'm attaching a little sneaky peeky of the printables inspiration Party On! Designs is creating for me... are you dying yet?! Do I need this purse or what?!

5.) The Husband

Don't even ask me how I came across this idea. Ok, go ahead- ask. Somehow ebay suggested a bunch of VW Westfalia CampMobiles to me via email this week... which is pretty freaky (like it knows my families inner wants and desires freaky) because I swear I don't think I've ever even looked for a camper on ebay... UNLESS, unless some husband of mine is snooping around ebay on my account... hmmm... Anyway for those of you who don't know Shawn and I love to hit the road with our family. We've taken quite a few lengthy road trips (I have an entire category on the blog about our trips) and we even own an old run down (literally) motor home that used to work and now doesn't. Now it just sits in our drive way and bums us out on a daily basis reminding us that we used to camp. (I will say it makes an awesome Party Cave backup). But this? THIS Shawn would love. POP TOP!


  1. love the embroidery hoop idea...saw this years ago but not didn't do anything about it. This is most likely a "cinch" for you! :) Trunks are adorbs...might have to drive to Ventura to get them for the boys. All 4 matching? To die for! And Sole Society and I have been friends for a while now....subscribed, bought, bought again and again. Faves are the "real thing" as I'm a shoe snob and don't really do "pleather"..although faux leather is ALL the rage for fall so I may have to indulge. Great Friday info! Thanks, friend!

  2. oh, and can't wait for the bday party...looks like too much fun....I hope I'm on the list??? Even after I have offended you at my crazy number I offered you to do a party for me!

  3. I'm making fabric hoops for my daughter, Jordan's new bedroom decor! Purple, zebra print, black and white!

  4. Lucy had one (unfinished, as in fabric jaggedly sticking out all around it) fabric hoop in her room. Maybe in her next room I'll trim that baby up and add a few more. And how did I not know you're a Liberty fan? Love their florals. Not that I own even one small thing with them…but still. Some day.

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