Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two Kids. One Road Trip: UnScenesters At A Car Show

Today was the car show. The big day. We got there at 10 a.m. It was so big that I was almost second guessing having not gone yesterday on the smaller day... but then we got inside the gate and I saw a  booth with heart-shaped sunglasses in a rainbow of colors for $8 each. Count me in, I'm suddenly interested.

There were cars as far as the eye could see. We kept wondering if this would be a bigger show than the West Coast Customs show held in our own home town every May. Well the saying is definitely true: "Everything's Bigger in Texas."

Now, if you could think of one thing that a car-obsessed husband would not want you to forget the day of the car show... what would it be? Think hard, you've got this. Did you come up with something having to do with the camera? If so, DING DING DING! I forgot the camera card. Blogging till 2 a.m. (don't worry, I've got return home naps I'm banking on) does not bode well for remembering the important things. Like memories. Or baby wipes...

There was a little tension in the car show air and I needed to fix it. I was trying to take the best 20 pics possible because I knew my camera's internal memory was something around 20 photos, someone once told me this random fact (are they on to me?!). And then it came to me. An idea. A brilliant one, which only happens every other year or so- so thank God today was the day. Go up to any of the 1,000 professional photographers here and ask if they have an extra camera card I can buy off of them. Done.

I found a Southern looking gent and beginners LUCK, baby. He heard my sob story and felt my husband's negative chi and KNEW: we needed this camera card. I asked him, "How much?" and all he said with that sweet little southern draw I have come to love is, "Free darlin'... you drove here from California? You deserve a free stick." I refrained from hugging him as to not send any mixed signals, but I would have lip kissed him if I thought it would've only been taken as a thank you.

With my fully loaded camera around my neck I was happier than a scenester holding a Pabst Blue Ribbon. We were ready to do the thang. We started off to the main lot and it was pretty overwhelming, not gonna lie. No room to walk with a stroller, and holding Birdie is a task as she's started this new throw-back thing where she jerks her body out from you and hangs upside down. It's a very sudden movement and every time I feel like I'm definitely going to drop her. I do a scream that totally reminds me of my mom, and she just cackles that little toddler cackle that if you listen reeeeal closely says, "Gotcha!"

We looked around, and though I would never laugh in anyone's face- the "scene" that car shows attract really cracks me up. Like literal LOLs, not just text ones. As with everything else... the scene is bigger and better in Texas. Picture 10 year-olds dressed as full Rock-A-Billy girls posing on old cars. TEN.YEAR.OLDS. Maybe nine. They were wearing makeup and fake hair so you can maybe understand how guessing at their age may have been confusing? I mean, if that's not going to... Oh never mind... Although I did sneak of few pics, I will not be posting for fear that I'LL EXPLOIT THEM EVEN MORE, and their moms and dads might smear pomade all over our wagon. But just try and imagine a slightly older version of "Toddlers in Tiaras" but it's called "Tweens on T-Birds." The rules about clothing prints are very strict, by the way: Leopard. Polka Dots (preferably black and white). Cherries. Sparrows. Anchors. NOTHING ELSE or you're ousted!

You see, we are not "scene." I mean, I'm sure we're in some scene... ("thirty something parents" scene?) but we are not part of the car show scene. Shawn is a surfer who happens to love and work on old cars. I am a mom who's primary wardrobe comes from the Target clearance rack (preferably the 75% off side). We stick out at every car show, and that couldn't have been more true at this one. Shawn was literally begging me to get myself made up as a rockabilly girl at the hair/makeup booth. And while I love a good laugh, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I mean, I kind of have a reputation to protect here? Aqua Net would totes spoil my hardly-wears-makeup-and-takes-a-shower-every-other-day image. Something I am NOT willing to mess with.

So enjoy the photos. Tomorrow I will have my list of the "Top 10 Things I Love About Austin" summary. Gonna be EPIC. I actually took notes today... miiind blowing notes.
                                                                xo Road Trip or Die xo

The Crowds...

Another guy who drove out his old van out from California. His wife flew, enough said.

Cormac ran and flagged this guy down himself, that's how badly he wanted a pic.

My little scenesters...

Some pretty adorable vintage shopping set ups....

Can you imagine ME- here? No, I didn't think so.

The farest beauties of them all....

I mean, how could I resist?

And the most important car of all....

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  1. I absolutely love reading your blogs & totally relate to much of what you say. My four kids are grown, but the memories are fun to reminisce. Loving pink & purple cars is another common interest. I would love to share the purple ones from the Del Mar car show. So gorgeous!! Looking forward to your next blog & photos. Have a safe trip home.


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