Monday, December 5, 2016

A Super Tradish Christmas Mantel for Tiny Prints

So that it doesn't appear that my blog is dead and buried, I've decided to break my Tiny Prints collab in to 3 different blog posts: 1) Christmas mantel decor, 2) Gift-Giving Guide and 3) our Christmas cards. Oh roll your eyes already, they're all going to be amazing dammit.

Every year I take great joy is decorating our mantel for Christmas but this is the first year I've gone with traditional colors... So unlike me! In keeping with always being inspired by a super random item, I saw that green checkered place mat (upper left corner) at Target and felt it just had to be incorporated in to the mantel decor. A little mounting tape and wa-lah... Who doesn't love a stylish place mat hanging on their wall? RIGHT!

I've re-purposed the back side of what once was my wooden Miss Party Mom convetion-booth sign yet again as a new Christmas piece. The "FA LA LA" letters were in the $3 isle at Target and I added some mini wooden rounds to give it that Camp Christmas feel that's so hot right now. Prior to this, I've used the sign for Birdie's 4th birthday and Thanksgiving 2015. It always feels good for me to get use out of my old party stuff... Like that 3 years wasn't a total waste of my time and money. (The sign was originally made by Ten23Designs who can laser cut pretty much anything.)

As with so many parties I've thrown, wrapping paper is one of my go-to items for decorating (great for table runners and photo backdrops as well). It's cheap, disposable and it gives you a big bang for your buck. I knew I wanted to do plaid wrapping on the mantel backdrop, so it was just about finding one I liked. This one is from Target... I swear Target needs to pay me.

As with most of my decorating, I like things nice and full. If I see a space I think I can maximize with decor, I search the house and fill the empty spot. That's how the globes & luggage got there.

In 2013 when I first partnered with Tiny Prints, String Dearie made me this adorable custom  "O'Briens" banner. I've used it on our Christmas mantel twice now and it's one of my favorite holiday pieces. Get yourself one already!

The red truck comes from the $3 Target isle and the rest of the items I've had for years (every one is a gift that I cherish!)


Tiny Prints pillows are some of my fave items on their site. They're always right on trend and provide that pop of color for a great price (using a coupon code of course!). This is my second year with our Tiny Prints Christmas stockings. While I didn't use the kid's from last year (they didn't match), I do love Shawn and I's stockings. They're a perfect size, great quality and I love being able to personalize them.

Tune in for another 2016 Christmas blog post... Coming soon!

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