Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How To Throw a Team Soccer Party in 5 Easy Steps!

As some of you know, this year my husband and I decided to coach my son's U6 (under 6 years) AYSO soccer team. Growing up in AYSO I've been really dying to do this for quite a while and this year, with my Saturday-free work schedule- it made perfect sense. We had a blast and I learned a lot about myself in the process- especially while my husband was gone in Egypt for 3 weeks and I had to run practice and coach the team on my own! Garnering the attention of 8 five year old boys is no easy task, that is for certain! I wouldn't trade this experience for anything and I look forward to it again in future years.

The Blue Lizards were not only amazing on the field (no seriously, we only lost one game- yes we kept score against the rules) but they also had some major team pride which we loved as coaches. When we decided on our name we didn't know our team color yet... But they DID NOT care. They were going to be the LIZARDS no matter what... And when we suggested "Blue Bellied Lizards" they just weren't feeling it... So Blue Lizards we were!

As a born crafter of course I was excited about the banner and team party, duh! Well I lost the banner battle... But I wasn't going to loose the team party battle!!

In my time as a party planner, I have never thrown a party that was as simple as this one... Which leads me to believe anyone can do it! On the front end I put in about 2 hours and the day of about 45 minutes. I was actually sitting down waiting for guests to arrive and listening to my entertainer-obsessed son ask me for an hour, "Is my team almost here?!"

In total this table cost me about $65 to create (not including the medals- which each player paid for). If you wanted to ask each player to chip in for a similarly styled table, I think asking $10 from each player is more than reasonable!

I am going to take you through the set-up of this table in 5 steps! Pulling off a quick and easy team table for an end-of-the-year soccer party (or a simple soccer birthday party) for less than 10 kids really shouldn't be too hard or break the budget...

1.) Use the team banner as your backdrop and the team picture for some table decor! Set up the banner the same way you would on the field and place a 6 foot table in front of it.

2.) Work with the team colors. I had a perfect table cloth- so of course I used it- but you can also use a solid colored queen size sheet or a heavy plastic table cloth will do (Smart & Final sells quality ones in most colors)... YES I just gave you permission to use plastic... But please avoid the .99 Store ones, please.

3.) Stocking the table with sweets... I suggest personalized soccer cookies, custom candy kabobs and coordinating cupcakes... See my vendor list for the talented shops I used! I provided black gable boxes with each child's name on them for them to take home their treats and medal home in.

4.) Printables! A small graphic package goes a long way! A simple "I <3 Soccer" banner, team logo cupcake picks and team player name labels go a long way in making your soccer party personal and fun.

5.) Balloons provide and big bang for a small cost! I used 6 total to rim the table... Give one to each kid as they leave to get rid of them!
Vendor List:
Styling: Miss Party Mom Event Planning, Santa Barbara Ca
Soccer Printables Kit: World Wide Party by Elena
Soccer Name Cookies: Creating Awesomenessity
Soccer Candy Kabobs: Sweets Indeed
Soccer Medals: Express Medals
Team Banner: FasteamBanners

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