Thursday, July 18, 2013

Miss Party Mom's: Five For Friday {7.19.2013}

This is the one week countdown to my Favorite Things 33rd birthday party coming up next Friday! I'm getting ready to party with a bunch-ton of my closest girl friends for a ladies night full of all of my... FAVORITE THINGS! I mean- people- how could this NOT be fun. I don't think words can express how much I need a night like this- my husband has been gone all week and Momma needs some girls to let loose with!

This week I've again gathered five epic finds- one in each of my favorite shopping categories!

Enjoy and we'll chat next week when I plan to write a post called, "The Making of a Party Planner"... stay tuned!

xo Party or Die xo

This is a partially sponsored post. That doesn't mean I don't still LOVE each and every product!

1.) Party Planning

If you're throwing a party these days there's one thing you cannot do without: a photo booth! Photo Booths are not hard to set up- you can use anything as simple as a wall covered with a great backdrop to a free standing set-up OR go big and bring in a rented REAL photo booth! Great props are a necessity... and NO, I'm not talking mustaches people... can we leave them alone at this point? Please? I asked you last year and now I'm just getting cranky- which is why I'm bringing you these! I came across this awesome Etsy shop {Tweedle Dee Designs} full of unique props and I snapped some up for my Favorite Things Party. I began drooling at the sight of these prop POPSICLES! Talk about fun on a stick! I can just imagine the poses these will conjure up! Tweedle Dee Designs has a bunch of other fun and new-idea props too (including the ol' mustaches, in case you choose to ignore me... AGAIN)

The only thing missing from this Photo Booth is us actually utilizing the tons of props RIGHT next to us... uhhh... I guess we thought our faces were cute enough?

2.) Home Decor

Ok, I'm sorry- I'm killing the head board topic BUT hello, It's all I can think of home decor wise (for obvious reasons!) so bare with me. (I blogged about our major head board issue here in case you missed it.) In all of my research this week I've actually realized the fence head board is kind of like a thing! Well, on Pinterest anyway. I had no clue... and trust me, I know Shawn didn't... While I still don't love it- I've been narrowing down ways to keep it kind of fency vs. covering it up. I could totally change my mind again tomorrow... but for now I actually kind of love this look- even though I realize this is a sideways vintage-y door and not a fence... I feel like with the right paint finish on the fence I could maintain my vintage vibe and not spend a ton of money on upholstering over it (did I mention the only fabrics I like are $30+ a yard?) Oh, and if you don't believe me about fence head boards being a thing... search it. Your mind will be blown- just like mine was.

I couldn't help but show this fun head board off too... I mean- fence posts can have chalkboard paint too?? Maybe just the top half- I don't need chalk in my hair, I have enough hair issues...
Photo from

3.) Kids

I can't believe Salt Water Sandals are pretty much hipster sandals now... Well I don't even care- I remember when I was wearing the knock-off version with pride (like my family could ever afford the real thing?) I love that these sandals look as adorable on little girls as they do little boys... and heck- pretty darn amazing on us woman too... I might have to draw the line at men... but on the right man, sure- why not?

In love with this little doll.

Photo from the ModCloth Blog

4.) Myself

So... it's about time I told you all something: I'm going to Cabo San Lucas at the end of August... I know, hate me now. In my quest for the perfect vacation swim suit I can no longer get around the fact that the HIGH WAISTED SUIT is IN! Holy high fashion- I can't get away from it. I've seen it on every run way and now it's hit retail in a big way. I think it's popularity must stem from the fact that it's flattering on a lot of body types- Google Image it- lots of "real woman" rocking the high waist bottoms! 

I mean most moms aren't trying to draw attention to the mid-section if ya feel me! The high-waist draws the attention to the upper torso... where things tend to just be better...

Here are the 2 cutest I've found...

(LOVE this print!) Urban Outfitters

5.) The Husband

You know how Shawn feels about clothing... let's just say it isn't his biggest care in life... or his day... or ever... It's only when we get invited to something like a WEDDING (!) that I can get crazy and look for something extra stylish and special for him. So how have I missed out on this website for guys called Frank and Oak? I am the last wife on earth to find it?? Loving so much of their stuff. How about this amazing color blocked long sleeve button up shirt that screams Shawn? If there's one thing he & I can agree on in fashion- it's that we both love a good color block. Done and done. 

Am I pushin' it by trying to get him to wear a tie?? I mean, it matches... and it's on sale and it's PRACTICALLY a Liberty of London floral... Let's think about this one...

That's all for this week friends. See you next week!


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    1. Thanks Jessica! Congrats on round 2 of your cute Crabby Party on HWTM! How fun!

  2. Love your picks! Thank you for sharing our Party Popsicles :)

  3. Hi Kenna! I just want to say that I love the things you pick for you Five for Friday posts! Always such cute stuff! I have decided to start a similar series and have credited you with the idea. I really hope that's ok, but if not, please let me know. Here is a link to it. Thanks!


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