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Miss Party Mom's: Five for Friday {6.14.12}

Welcome to my first ever Five For Friday post! I'm starting a weekly Friday round-up because I come across a ton of great stuff all week while blogging and party planning and I figured- hey, why not share my faves? I mean... people want to know what I like, I can just sort of feel it...

I decided on 5 things because, well- it sounds good AND when I grouped the things I like to shop for the most it happened to be limited to 5 categories stealing all of my money... um, kind of perfect? So here they are- my favorite things to shop for- in this order...

1.) Parties

I am always looking for unique party favors- especially for my own children's parties. I hate taking a bag full of crap home from a party that I'm going to absolutely throw away the minute my kid releases their grip on it... I mean, who's idea were bubbles for party favors anyway?!

I came across these Puppy Party Buttons by Gemma Cornell for Badge Bomb on well it only makes sense... Pinterest (how could I resist?) and yes- I'm pretty much dying over their cuteness. I mean if you would throw one of these away you have no soul and don't belong at a child's party in the first place. I am totally getting a box of these (they're sold in a box that says "Puppy Party"! Fate?! I think so) for my daughter's Puppy Party coming up in July. This is so the style I'm going for and ya so what, a 2-year-old shouldn't have a pin party favor... your point? Did I mention they come in a ton of different themes?

2.) Home Decor

I totally have black & white stripes on the brain because I had the idea months ago I was doing this as a "theme" for my 33rd birthday party... and then, well all of America also decided they would fall in love with black and white stripes. Really America? I've totally been black and white stripes' #1 fan for like, always? My kitchen has them hand painted by yours truly on the walls as of 2.5 years ago- so in your trendy face! Oh and did I mention if I didn't have them on the walls I would SO be hanging these curtains in my living room... Like it's actually killing me that I don't already have these in at least one room in my home...

Well... I had to show it off if I was going to write about it?? Photo credit: Moments Captured Photography
3.) Kids

I love shopping for my kids, both the boy and the girl. Equally. Somehow if they manage to look stylish, I feel like I am totally OK to wear sweats out of the house. That ain't right! My son has just entered the dressing himself stage and let me just tell you... KILL-ING me. I am not a "dress yourself" type of Mom... I am a lay-your-outfit-out-the-morning-before Momma, but lately I've just plain given up. I mean, if the kid wants to wear light up shoes... NO! I will NOT go there! What do you think, I've completely lost it? I draw the line at light up wearables... it's bad enough he's wearing licensed tees. 

I saw this picture on Pinterest this week and it's just that- an image, I can't even direct you where to buy this outfit because the link went nowhere, sorry! It's more the idea of how cute dressing a baby boy can be. I melted because Cormac actually pretty much looked like this as a baby and it totally brought me back to the days when I dressed him so awesome... the pre- Lighting McQueen days...  Baby boy clothing is as fun as you make it- you don't have to settle for monkeys and dinos!
Uh...told ya so.

4.) Myself

Just when I thought I was over the whole color blocking thing I stumbled across this adorable line of cross body purses from Shiraleah Handbags and Accessories on at the crazy great price of $20.00 a pop... I mean, I'd own all 3 if that wasn't a total and absolute no-no in my book. I love all of the color choices but this first one is so Summer 2013- am I right, or am I right? I don't shop for myself like I used to pre-kids days (thank God or we'd really be broke) but $20.00 on a new Summer purse that won't be stocked with diapers and butt cream... um, yes please! Maybe it will even give me a reason for a GNO? Who knows what magical powers this purse will give me... hopefully I'll put it on and want to be stylish on a daily basis again... now that would be magical! Did I mention it has a gold chain?!

5.) Husband

Ok, you must be thinking I'm a jerk that my husband is last on my list... but hear me out- the guy doesn't like to be shopped for! Most of the clothes I pick out for him go unworn and he hates knick-knacky type stuff. However, Father's Day is SO this weekend and so I needed to get him something... obvs! Of course I had some great ideas I was going to make... but then life got away from me and I came across this wooden plank wall hanging (for the garage- duh!) again from (my new favorite online shopping site- link at end of post) and the ease of the ol' one-click order won me over. I thought $45.00 for a nice big piece like this was pretty good! I'll trace the kids' hands for a card and write something extra sweet so don't judge me. My husband loves old cars in case you haven't read my blog series "Two Kids: One Road Trip" about our travels in a 1959 Chevy wagon from CA to TX for a huge car show this last April... I thought this gift would be a nice reminder of all of the fun we had... Plus- it's wood- how manly! Seriously, how sweet am I?

Our wagon in the car show... read from the beginning of the trip here.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever FFF (Remember Five For Friday??) I'll be back next week with another list of  my faves in these same categories... and the week after... and the week after that... are you seeing a pattern here?
                                                                     xo Party or Die xo


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  1. I'm crashing Bird's party just to get a Gemma Correll pin. I don't even care if the favors are just for kids... I do HAVE a kid, so that counts, right?


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