Friday, March 29, 2013

"The Golden Egg Book" Easter Party/Shoot

Fave children's book? Check! Great color palette? Check! Cute Girls? Check, check, check and check! Lastly- 2 good friends doing what we do best: obsessing over a party, (that isn't even really a party): CHEEEEECK! 

I grew up loving “The Golden Egg Book” by Margaret Wise Brown. It has all the things I’m fond of- a jewel toned color palette, a vintage vibe and an adorable story about 2 unlikely animals becoming friends, how could I NOT put together a Spring shoot based on it? Hannah of Hannah’s Cookies and Treats and I decided to combine our talents once again and put together this lovely little dessert table. The awesome Christina of Moments Captured Photography was behind the camera photographing her daughter Julie and 3 friends having fun stuffing themselves with some sweet treats. One thing that's nice about having a husband who's obsessed with a nice lawn is that it really lends well to impromptu photo shoots!

For the décor I thought a pennant flag banner for the front of the table made of actual “The Golden Egg Book” pages was a must have. I love the way it themes the table right away. I came across the glitter eggs and the large golden egg both at Target and fell in love- they were a perfect fit with the coloring of the book. Another easy (and inexpensive) décor idea I used were the paper doilies to create the scalloped look on the awning. Making the silverware bags for the girls was a fun and quick little project. The cute paper baggies included their napkin, a jumbo paper straw, glitter fork and a cute felt decoration clipped to the front. I live for little details like these! They turned out super cute and made everyday party items a bit more special. 

We wanted to keep all the desserts as themed to the book as possible which was a fun little challenge for us both. We had Garden Carrots in Push Pops (crumbled brownies with sugar filled carrots from The Dollar Tree), Tulip Cakes by Little Debbie drizzled with melting chocolates and topped in sugar (a no bake idea everyone can make!) and plenty of character based cookies as well as Hannah's beautiful egg cookies that were almost too pretty to eat! Our cake pops were tied with frilly and fun ribbons and our Peanut Butter Nests made out of chow mein noodles (SO easy!) were a total hit with the girls (and their moms!) Other desserts included chocolate dipped grahams (perfect for kids!), mini cupcakes, peeps, different sizes of robin eggs and don’t let me forget the cups of cotton candy from the Dollar Tree (as in we opened a package and put it in a cup) which were the hit of the table- go figure! 

                                                                     xo Party or Die xo
Vendor Credits:

Event Styling: Miss Party Mom Event Planning :, 

Photography: Christina @ Moments Captured Photography:,

Cookies: Hannah @ Hannah’s Cookies and Treats: 

Peanut Butter Nest Eggs Recipe:

Small Paper Polka Dot Baggies @ Cakes and Kids Too:

Staring at it like we've never seen it in our lives...

With a ton of determination and at least one bloody lip or a black eye between us...

Annnnddd... Oh, dear....I forgot about her...

Wait for it, it's coming!

TA DAAAAH! (No, it's not easy to put up and yes, having your husband do it- even if he is teasing you for not knowing how to put together your own design- IS way faster)

Time to get Type A and do what I do best!

Note to self. Wash your hair. Put on a little makeup. And for goodness sake, would it kill you to wear a belt woman?!

One too many robin eggs I think... the things you'll let your kids eat when you're in party mode. I'm not proud of it.

Dunnn, dun, dun, DUNNNE!!




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