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In an attempt to answer some of the questions I've been getting in my inbox I've put together this little FAQ page- so that hopefully you can get the answer you're looking for immediately instead of having to wait way too long for my response. If you don't see the question you'd like answered here- email me- I'm kind of like, crazy friendly...?

xo Party or Die xo

How did you get started in this industry?

I have written a more thorough blog post on this that you can find here... but the short version is that I threw my son a pretty cute Yo Gabba Gabba 3rd Birthday Party in January, 2012. At the party my guests were saying I should start up a party planning company, (as if it hadn't already crossed my mind!). About a month after the party an acquaintance called to ask if I'd consider doing her daughter's party and that definitely gave me the push I needed. At that point Hannah (my party-partner in crime) and I started brainstorming out Miss Party Mom as well as Hannah's Cookies and Treats. We launched them in April and booked that 1st client the same month.

To find out what I did in my past career life, you can read about that in this post here.

Are you making a living at Miss Party Mom? 

Ohhh, that's so sweet of you!

One can hope that one day MPM will take off but this is really a business built out of a desire to stay creative while I raise my two children (Cormac, 5 and Birdie, 3). I am a perfectionist who really loves planning parties and because of that I take hits on profit most business woman probably wouldn't! I have written a very popular post on this exact subject, found here.

How can I get started in this industry?

My simple, basic, non-business savvy advice is to make the next party you throw amazing and show off your talent. Get professional photos taken of it, get a Facebook page up with those photos, pass out business cards to whatever clientele you're looking to capture... submit the party to the big blogs (read this post here) and establish a Facebook fan base to get your name out there.

If I tried to give you more business advice than that I'd be doing you a disservice BUT my friend Tonya at Soiree Event Design has written a very thorough ebook on this very topic, which you can purchase here. I highly recommend it, and no- I'm not being paid to say that. Once purchasing it you will be included in an online Facebook forum where you can ask other party planners (like myself!)  for advice, etc.

Another book I LOVE is "But Are You Making Any Money?" by Marley Majcher

Where do you find the time?

I cannot lie- I'm a busy gal! I try and carve out time daily to work on either the blog or an upcoming party/shoot. It requires late nights and giving up naps. I'm currently taking a business class as well- so I'm really busy- but busy doing what I love!

How did you go about getting Press?

Honestly, that is the one thing that has come naturally for MPM. I remember telling my website designer that I don't think we should have a Press page because it would be empty for so long- she laughed at me. As soon as I figured out how to submit my parties to blogs and get my name out there it's been one feature after the next. My Press page on my website is currently so behind I'm overwhelmed with having it updated (I know, I sound so cocky!) The recent press I received from American Baby Magazine and were the results being discovered via Pinterest and Facebook- and this little blog here... 

What are your goals and aspirations for MPM?

I have a bunch! I'd like to write a book about party planning that takes people behind the scenes in to the life of a party planner- the good, bad and the ugly! I'd like to tour the US (oh, what the heck- WORLD) promoting that book... with my kids and husband in tow! I also wouldn't mind a reality show showcasing Hannah and I during party week... I mean, we're talking pure entertainment, trust me. Did I mention we're kind of hilarious?

In regards to the blog- DUH, I'd love for it to blow up! You know, while I'm waiting on my book deal...

As for the party aspect of things I currently only want to take one on if it is going to be worth it for me (Press) or pay my going rate... My free days are over! Every piece of press I get brings around a new fan base and heck, one of these days someone is bound to find me and want to exploit the heck out of all of all this personality.

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